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Pre-BB: [Updated] Through the Keyhole

Posted on 31 December 2008 by Joe

The publicity shots of the slightly revamped Celebrity Big Brother house, have been released by Channel 4 – with the main changes being made in the garden as it adopts a ‘winter theme.’

Here, we present to you the shots from the house that the new batch of celebrities will be calling ‘home’ for up to three weeks.

Bathroom HQ

Bathroom 2 HQ

The bathroom has been renovated with regal red wallpaper and matching rugs and seating areas.

Bedroom HQ

The basic bedroom will make an unwelcome return for the celebrities, with the new addition of stars incorporated in to the carpet design.

Bedroom Chair HQ

The full changes to the Luxury bedroom are being kept under wraps (for now), but we see a sneaky peek of a new chaise lounge and stool.

Garden HQ

Garden Chairs HQ

Garden Horses HQ

Garden Ice Cube HQ

Jail HQ

The most changes can be seen in the garden – with the replacement of the swimming pool, with a wintery themed horse carousel (expect drunken antics from celebrities on these!). Potted plants and trees are scattered around the garden, and panelling has been replaced with lighter icy blue colours to match with the new ice cube-themed seating area.

The jail cell returns, but has been made larger and a bench (which no doubt could be doubled as a bed!) has been included.

Living Area HQ

No photos of the living room area or kitchen have been released (yet), but from this shot, we can see the metallic blue panelling has been kept in place and BB has provided the celebs with fitness equipment also.

UPDATE: Our lucky friends over at Digital Spy have been on a tour of the new house and have added this sneaky peek video of the revamped house for your viewing pleasure. It includes shots of the new outdoor jail toilet, the luxury bedroom and changes to the shower.

Notice also that BB is not only providing the housemates with the luxury of an exercise bike and weights, but that a hairdryer and hair straighteners have also been fitted in to the bedroom – no need to exchange tokens for these items this series then?

Click ‘play’ below to see the full video…

So what are your thoughts? Impressed? Anything you think is missing? Comment below and let us know!

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