Big Brother has seen itself grow for over 20 seasons now and has given us some of the most notable faces in the industry. But, over time, there are bound to be some memorable moments which will always reign supreme. Keep on reading to learn some facts that you did not know about Big Brother.

The most head of household wins

Seasons 16 gave us Frankie Grande, who won five head of the household titles which are still reigning to be on the top. There are nine other people who have had their fair share of wins which includes things like single seasons winner Drew Daniel, Janelle Pierzina, Hayden Moss, Racheal Rally, Ian Terry, Aaryn Gries, Caleb Reynolds, Vanessa Rousso and Steve Moses, all of them have had won their fair share as the head of household.

household wins

Most time spent in the house

Many may claim that Hames Huling and Janella Pierzina have to spend a lot of days in the big brother house, which is true. But, Paul Abrahamian holds the title of most time spent in the big brother house, which is 191 competition days and two additional days visiting the house, which makes it 193 days inside the house.

Most nominations in a single season

Johnny Mac was used as a pawn during season 17, which is the reason that he holds the most records of nominations. Victoria Rafaeli also holds most of the nominations, but due to the big brother rewind twist, it was rewound. Janelle Pierzina holds the record for most nominations in a lifetime which is ten where she appeared in the three seasons.

The longest endurance competition

Endurance competition is something that people have seen to not carry out well. In season 6, it was seen the Jennifer Vasquez went all in. She endured the competition for more than 13 hours and 53 minutes which is still a record.

The winner who was never nominated


Big brother 16 winners Derrick Levasseur is the only ever houseguest to play an entire season without ever getting nominated for eviction.

The first evicted houseguest to re-enter

After Amy Crews was evicted in season 3, she said she would give up on $250,000 in prize money and spend 42 days eating nothing but peanut butter and jelly for the opportunity to get back inside the Big brother game.

The houseguest who was evicted three times in a single season

In season 18, El Fit Vic was first evicted on day 23 only to return to the game two weeks later by winning the battle back competition. Later, the victor was again evicted on day 72 which immediately won him re-entry into the game as the head of the household in the competition. He was later again evicted for the third and final time on day 90.


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